Deriving from Akasaka Gomon, one of the protectorate gates of Edo castle, Akasaka Mitsuke is a location with ancient and honorable origins. Motoakasaka lies adjacent to Nagatacho, the center of politics, and Akasaka, known for its long history as a commercial district. Located on the site where the Head Office of Kajima Corporation, a company that has walked the annals of history with the area, once stood, “AKASAKA K-TOWER” is an area landmark. At a height of 518ft, with 30 floors this office-centric skyscraper complex also comprised of residences and shops creates a comfortable space for all those who visit with its surrounding natural environment and tasteful design. A culmination of Kajima’s latest technologies, the building possesses the high degree of safety, comfort and functionality sought in next-generation high-rise architecture. Through the use of advanced energy-saving technology we have achieved a reduction in CO2 emissions that meets the highest domestic standards in rental office space, where energy-saving is normally quite challenging.


: 1-2-7 Motoakasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0051, Japan
Number of Floors
: 30 above-ground, 2 below-ground, 2 roof structures
: 518 ft
Site Area
: 55,126 sq ft
Gross Floor Area
: 578,869 sq ft
: January 2012
Total Rentable Area
: 301,742 sq ft

Awards and Recognition

・CASBEE 2010 3rd Party Assessment S Class (BEE=4.4)
・Good Design Award
・Architectural Institute of Japan 2014 Anthology of Works
・Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture 2014 Anthology of Landscape Works
  “Business and Commercial”
・2013 Minato City Scenic Planning Award
・2013 Minato City Green Planning Award
・Energy-efficient Lighting Design Award 2013 Award for Excellence
・AACA Award